Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex & My City

This is the portion of my blog that I will refer to as Amy Aubrey, Film Critic.  Tonight I saw "Sex & the City" & after all the hype & excitement that I was feeling towards its release, I must say it did not disappoint.  We bought our tickets 2 days ago because there was no way that neither Samantha nor I could wait much longer to see it.  We had even planned to go get Cosmos after but we went straight from the baseball game & our clothes were not suitable for such fine drinks.  (In regards to the baseball game BTW I am just so in love with our team & I cannot wait for Omaha.)

But as for the movie & the reason for my blogging, I only have 3 negative things to say about it.  First is that I basically had Vitamin Water thrown in my face & the product placement for that was just a bit much.  Second is that there is no way in hell there would not be any cars on 5th Avenue in the middle of the afternoon in front of the library.  Big would not be able to have the car go down that street in the opposite direction, it's just a physical impossibility.  The 3rd thing is that Jennifer Hudson did not sing.  Yes I know this would not have fit in anywhere but I love her & I always want her to sing & that was just a personal opinion.

Other then that, I was very happy with the movie.  I was worried it would ruin it for me but it really did not at all.  I thought the characters remained true to form & they all ended up the way they should have.  I'm not going to say anything specific about it because I don't want to ruin it for those reading this who have yet to see it.  I did laugh a lot & cried probably more then the average person should have.  The movie made me miss my city like none other.  After watching it I cannot wait to come home & have sex in the city.  OK so the whole sex doesn't happen all that often for me in the city but the city by itself is just fine with me.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

So I Think I Can Dance

It's my favorite time of year!  Well okay maybe that's a lie but it's still exciting.  So You Think You Can Dance has begun!  This is my favorite show & after watching last season I was totally ready to try out this year but I just did not.

Now I was a dancer for most of my life & a cheerleader for another large part of it, so I have rhythm & coordination but I am not disillusioned, I know I'm not as good as the dancers that are on this show.  But I so badly want to go & get to learn these dances!  Latin dancing is like the sexiest thing ever & I want to be able to do that so incredibly bad.  I'm considering taking a dance class over the summer but I know the dances won't be half as cool as the ones on the show.  I want to learn a routine by any of those choreographers because they are all so ridiculously talented.  I'd even krump if they asked me to.

I recently started watching Dancing with the Stars & I actually hate it because compared to SYTYCD, it's such a joke.  The dances are so much easier & the pros put in all sorts of moves that show off themselves & not the star.  If that little pudgy girl from Hairspray can make a Salsa look mildly good, I am positive that I could too.

What I need is a good partner, so if any male who is reading this is interested in sharing this dream with me then by all means let me know!  You must be talented & handsome & strong because I want to do lifts.  If you are also single & would like to be my Latin lover, then all the better our chemistry will be.  You don't need to be a Latino, but your hips need to move like you are.  Applications are now being accepted.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Age of the Jetsons is Upon Us

Technology is the most amazing thing ever.  We can now do things that we never dreamed we would actually be able to do.  Video chatting, for example has become a common occurrence in my life.  I always had a webcam but never ever used it because there was just too much that went along with it.  Then I became a Mac user (& once you go Mac, you don't go back.)

Sam popped my video chat cherry.  When I was home for Christmas break we did it & it was like we were together, it was great.  It wasn't until Sarah got a Mac, however that the real fun began.  We video chat all the time.  She, Danielle & I have even played Kings & War over the computer (yes I know, we're big losers).  When the girls were visiting at Marist we video chatted & I got to "hang out" with everybody.  Granted, I didn't get to go to Palace Diner with them but it was the next best thing to actually being there.  I've also spent some holidays with the Mitchells & was given a tour of their new house.  I have shown everyone my house here in Miami & even set off the alarm in the process (oops).  I also met all of Sam's friends because we Skyped when she was home.  Now Francesca jumped on the Mac train & all thanks to video chat I was able to see her new nose!

Now it's even bridging continents.  Troy & Josh are in Rome & I Skype with them all the time.  Troy met my mom & Maggie via the computer.  The time difference is a big one so it's usually when they are just getting home & are blatantly intoxicated but that just makes it better!

I prefer iChat over Skype simply because of the foreigners who constantly harass me for my friendship (or hand in marriage in some cases) on Skype but for those who are not fortunate enough to have a Mac, Skype works just fine.  As for this whole technology thing, I cannot wait until I have my own Rosie Robot.

Friday, May 16, 2008


I was just looking at away messages and got very sad.  I realized that tomorrow is the Marist graduation & I just thought about this time last year.  This is when we were all packing up & getting ready to leave.  Luckily the girls at 193 Union were still there so I didn't have to go, I stayed there. One night there & then I had a surprise outdoors date the next day with Bill.  Of course I had expected a picnic so I dressed for that occasion only to be surprised by a fishing trip. It didn't matter it was still easily one of the best days ever, only to be followed by the most depressing car ride of my life.
I miss Marist & everyone & everything that went along with it.  I miss the girls & all our insanity (although by talking to at least one of them every day makes life a little more bearable).  I miss those boys on Poplar & those boys on Spruce.  I miss Foxhole & Rennies & dancing at Hatter.  I really miss Toucans & drink-ups & walking over to Darby's.  I miss Red Fox Wraps & Garden Pizzas & Foxhole Pizza.  I miss Marist basketball games.  I miss R4 & bbqs & fun neighbors.  I miss beer pong on closet doors.  I don't miss Jager Bombs because I still do them & everyone knows this.  Every time I do one & finish before everyone, I can almost close my eyes and be taking it in Po-town.
I'm leaving Miami in a little over a month & I'm sure this time next year I'll be thinking about this graduation & how much I miss Sandbar & tailgates & baseball games.  I'm sure there will be times when I'll say that I wish I was in Miami, just as I say now that I wish I was at Marist.
People thought I was crazy when I said I never wanted to graduate but none of those people were ever Red Foxes (& probably not Hurricanes either) & none of them ever will be.  I do want to be done with Miami because the work is hard but I'm sure the plane ride home will be just as depressing as that car ride that I took one year ago.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Flying Solo

So I was sitting in the airport earlier debating what to write about my super, fantastic, splendid, wonderful, fabulous trip home that I just took.  I could talk about the fun night out with the girls I had.  Or my cousin's wedding.  Or my interview.  Or my friends/family/dog.  But I simply cant say enough about how great that all was.  So what do I write about?

As I pondered this puzzling thought we were about to board so I put my writing on hold.  I'd write once they said that I could turn on approved electronic devices.  So I waited and I waited.  Nothing.  Technical difficulties, it would be another while.  Right after I started my second episode of Heroes (you know, the one right before they Save the Cheerleader, Save the World), they were sorry again ladies and gentleman, but we're going to need to switch planes because this one is broken.  Maybe they didn't say it in those words but something like it.  I wasn't worried though, because I watch Lost & since I was on the front of the plane, I knew Jack & Sawyer would be there & I would be their Kate & that would just be swell.

So this lovely little flight attendant was so pleasant the whole time & when we finally took off, he & I struck up a conversation.  Good looking guy with blue eyes & dimples & everyone knows I'm a sucker for dimples (perhaps that makes me narcissistic, I don't know).  So then I asked him for my seltzer, & he smiled & asked if I wanted vodka with that.  Boy did he know how to win this girl's heart!  So I got my vodka for FREE.  Then he asked what was fun to do in Miami & I said me ;).  No I didn't but that would've been funny.  But before we landed, the best part about all this is that he walked by & put a Continental napkin on my lap with his phone number on it.  I loved that.  Of course that happens to me.  But so anyway, he obviously solved my blogging problem.  Thank you Josh, Flight Attendant.  (And the answer is yes, I plan on calling him later.)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

You gotta love America/Americans.  We look for any & all excuses to drink.  Hey the Mexicans got their freedom!  I'll drink to that.  That's all Cinco de Mayo is, their Independence Day.  Do Mexicans celebrate the Fourth of July like we celebrate the Fifth of May?

Why don't we celebrate when the French took over Canada?  Or Bastille Day?  Or when they let them eat cake in England?  Are these not worthy celebratory causes?  I like cake.  I'll eat it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm just as guilty as the next person.  I went out for this "holiday".  I said "hola" to my friends.  I had a margarita & a shot of tequila & some Coronas.  I'm not an alcoholic, I just celebrated like the true Mexican I am.  I even wished all night that I had a sombrero & a poncho.  I did happen to borrow someone's sombrero just for a photo op & then returned it after my modeling time was up.

But why does everyone get so excited about this particular day?  Mexico is no more special then Brazil (although I'm sure they beg to differ).  It's like how people who aren't Irish celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  Everyone loves that day too.  I just don't get it.

I petition we start celebrating every country's independence!  So crack open a cold one & have a cheers to Simon Bolivar & Giuseppe Garibaldi because we could always use one more reason to drink!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fantasy vs. Reality

OK so maybe this is jumping the gun a little bit but I just wanted to make another post already. I was thinking & wanted to write it down (thinking only occurs sometimes so when it does I need to capitalize on it).

I happen to idolize Lauren Conrad & I am addicted to "The Hills", I mean who isn't? I even got bangs because I love her so much. But let's be honest with ourselves, I can without a doubt have a reality show that would be as good, if not better then "The Hills".  It would be a blend of "The Hills" & "Rob & Big" and what's better then that?

Drama? CHECK
Comedy? INDEED
Boy Trouble? CHECK
Trips across the country? GOT IT
Crazy friends? CHECK CHECK
Outlandish behavior? CHECK!
Brody Jenner?

OK, so maybe I don't have Brody but my friends are way funnier then Audrina & Lo. Ms. Lax-a-Lot & Stripper Theo are more than worthy of their own shows too (but this is my blog, so it's also my reality show).  Don't forget about those R4 girls nor those crazy Staten Islanders I call my best friends either, totally reality gold no matter where I travel.

I live in both NY & Miami, 2 of the biggest cities in the US.  I'm good-looking, smart & funny...yes that's Zack Morris (side-tracked, sorry). My show would be so entertaining, not to mention I'd get to become a C-list star & maybe get to eventually be on "Surreal Life"!  Why am I in grad school, this is obviously my destiny.

In a world that is consumed with reality TV, what makes these people more worthy then I? Yes, I always keep up with the Kardashians & I do think I can dance & will always love New York but "The Paper"?? COME ON! Who thought that was a good idea?!


Very 1st Blog Post

So I must say, I've been wanting to create a blog for a long time ever since reading my friend Amanda's & so now was the time.  She seems so creative & witty in hers & since I too am both creative and witty I thought why not share this with the world?  I currently should be studying for one of my finals but why would I ever do that when I can waste time & do this?

So this first blog, as you might expect if you know me even a little bit is going to be about the Yankees.  It's hard for me to describe my love for the Yankees.  It's probably the only true love I've ever known.  I mean I did get it tattooed on my body for all of eternity, which I'd never do for anyone else...that's how you know it's true love.  Just like any other romance, however it can be a very strenuous relationship.  After much anticipation & excitement of the season beginning, it has thus far been a let-down.  Jorge & Phil Hughes are both going to be out for a while, not to mention the greatest of all, Mr. Alex Rodriguez.

As a girl, some people (mainly the male species) think that I don't know as much as they do.  Let me make this clear here & now...I not only know as much as you do, but I know much more.  As I was just studying outside by my pool, my mind began to drift off, as it often does when reading for "poo".  I was thinking about how majestic Alex's swing is (& yes, my thought process is completely random & sometimes bizarre).  It's just the most perfect thing I have ever seen.  When he hits a homerun, to me it's almost as good as sex (ALMOST).  Perhaps that makes me weird but I don't care.  "I'm in love, I'm in love & I don't care who knows it!"

I believe that is all for now.  Welcome to my blog & I have no doubt that my future blogs will be peppered with witicisms & movie quotes & all that jazz.  I hope you enjoy all that you read & if you have any comments, feel free to share them, because after all aren't blogs meant to be commented on?