Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby Love

The long-awaited arrival of the newest Aubrey has finally come! Kayla Alexandra Aubrey entered the world on January 14 & she is the most beautiful baby ever seen by human eyes. I'm not even just saying that because she's my niece, I'm really serious. I am totally obsessed with her & also amazed. Whenever I see her, all I can do is just stare at her & watch her like a big old creep. All she does right now is basically sleep, poop & eat. Sounds kinda like what my life consists of. We babysat for her the other day & she slept the entire time. Most people would find this boring but I did not.

It is so interesting to watch her sleeping. She is obviously dreaming but I'm so curious to know what about. They say babies cant really see when they're first born & she obviously doesn't know how to speak so she can't have thoughts like we do. Yet without being able to see clearly or knowing anything about the world, she can have thoughts in these dreams. What could possibly make her smile or frown while dreaming? It must be just shapes & colors & what we would imagine to be a trippy kind of world.

This little girl will never know our country before we had a black president. She will never know a universe when Pluto was a planet. She will never know Beyonce as the leading lady of Destiny's Child, only as the successful solo artist that's married to Jay-Z. She will never have been alive when the Mets won a World Series (& probably never will be.) A world without reality television? Not in her lifetime. She will never have known her Auntie Amy as a teenager. The end of bananas might come in her lifetime (I'm not sure if that's just a rumor.) But the end of polar bears certainly might be true. It's just so interesting to think about this baby & what will come in her future. Oh you wanted to see a picture? Well okay! If you insist.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Step Off, Girl

As I sit here, Kelly is in the hospital & we are awaiting the arrival of my new baby niece. I'm trying not to go crazy waiting, though so I figured I'd make a new post & vent a little. I've been seeing this guy for a bit now & we went out again last night. He came to Staten Island & we went out to this little restaurant/bar around me for a few drinks. We decided to just sit at the bar & the bartender came over to take our drink order & I noticed immediately that she was giving him "the eyes". I am aware he's a good looking guy so that's fine, I can deal with that. Then the real annoyances began.

So we are sitting there drinking & I had less left than he did but she acted as if I was invisible & got only him another drink. I had to wait around until she finally looked to his right & saw I was empty. Then she proceeds to interrupt our conversation & ask where we are from & I say "we" loosely because she obviously wasn't talking to me. She too hailed from the state of NJ so she continues talking for about a half hour & would not shut up despite his & my best efforts to ignore her. I finally had to pull a Brandy & Monica & just show this girl the boy was mine & resorted to a bit more PDA then I am generally comfortable with. After a few dirty looks thrown my way she eventually gave up. He, of course found this all hilarious but appreciated my taking control of the situation.

I get that a bartender has to be courteous to the patrons & I have no problem having full conversations while enjoying my beverage but we're on a date so get the hint & step off, ho. Obviously if a guy is out with a girl, he wants to be talking to her & not you. Find your own man, girl, this one is occupied. And are you really trying to hit on him while I'm right there? If you're going to try to be a date-stealing slut, at least wait until I go to the bathroom or something. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, "How rude!" The good news is, I must really like this boy if I'm willing to get the claws out. I'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010: HERE I AM!

YAYYY! Ever since the clock struck midnight to become 2006, I have been waiting for 2010! If you haven't been a follower of "Completely Random" for long, you may not know about my OCD with numbers divisible by 5. Well I'm very excited about this year because not only does it end in a 10 but both 20 & 10 are divisible by 5. It sounds stupid but to each her own. If I think this is going to be a good year, then gosh darn it I'm going to make it a good year.

It's a little hard for it not to be a good year because there will be a brand new baby in my life within the next 10 days or so!! My sister-in-law is having a little girl who I am going to spoil until the cows come home! Therein is my first New Year's Resolution: to be the best aunt that ever walked the earth! I've never been an aunt before but I think I can live up to the task. I've never even been a babysitter before, so it may be a bit of a challenge. I'm pretty confident, though, especially after my cousin's little girl was recently over who doesn't really warm up to anybody. I stepped up to the plate & entertained her & by the end of the night, she was begging to sleep over because she liked me so much. Great confidence booster that was!

Second & Third New Year's Resolutions are physical things that I'd like to accomplish. First is moving out of my house. It's easy to stay comfy here with having dinner made for me every night & not buying groceries & not paying rent & all, but as a 24-year-old, dear old Mom & Dad are really cramping my style. The other is (as it has been since I left Miami) to find a job in my field. A real job, not just a freelancing gig somewhere that they're going to replace me with an intern. These 2 goals basically go hand-in-hand because when I find a job, I will (hopefully) be banking enough dough to be able to afford rent at a nice place. Right now, I can't afford a whole lot so I'm gonna need to work on that.

Whatever comes in 2010, I'm sure it will be more then I am bargaining for. There are always twists & turns along the way but it all works out in the end. There's no way to prepare for it all but here's to hoping for a good year! Here I am, 2010, are you ready for me?