Saturday, April 25, 2009


OK so let me just get a few things out in the open here. #1) I love the Yankees & I hate the Red Sox (given). #2) I hate racist people. There is no quality that a person can have that is more ugly/unappealing/deal breaker more then racism. Here's a little story about my night. Amanda & I went to a bar to watch the Yankee-Red Sox game & throw back a couple beers & have a relaxing night. We were having a good time until Robinson Cano didn't hustle out a ground ball. A man wearing a Brewers jersey taps me on the back & said how much he hates Cano & that he never runs. This conversation ensued:
Amy: Yes he didn't hustle it out, I agree.
Asshole: I wish we had Pedroia.
Amy: Oh, hell no. He's a Red Sock, I don't want him, I'll take Cano any day.
Asshole: Oh come on, why don't you want him! First of all, Pedroia's white.
Amy: (with a face that looked like it could have been possessed by a devil, smoke coming out my nostrils & fire coming out of the eyes) Excuse me???
Asshole: Oh please, you mean to tell me you wouldn't rather have a white guy on your team??
Amy: I don't care what color he is. If you haven't noticed, some of the best players in baseball come out of the Dominican Republic, so I'll take Cano.

I then turned around & continued watching my game, as mad as an army of red ants when you step on their ant hill. Jason Bay then proceeded to hit a home run off of Mariano Rivera to further ruin my night. The asshole then proceeds to tap me again on the back. No, asshole I do not want to converse with you. I don't know what he said I just gave him the finger because I couldn't be bothered with his nonsense. Then he felt the need to explain to me that he is a Yankee fan, so I asked him why then was he wearing a Brewers jersey. His response? "I like the colors." I don't really think I even need to comment on that. I told him Yankee colors were also navy blue & white but he said he just didn't like the way the jersey looked on him. Apparently it only looks nice on girls. Funny, it looks pretty nice on Robinson Cano.

THEN! As if all of this wasn't bad enough, he proceeds to hit on me. I was focused intently on the game (& trying my best to ignore him so I didn't force my hand down his throat & pull out his racist tongue). He told me it was only the 1st Yankee-Sox game of the season, so why would I care so much. Um, maybe because it's the first Yankee-Sox game of the season, that's why. "I like that," he says. You like what? The fact that I hate you so much I want to gouge your eyeballs out? "What's your name, anyway?" "Lisa." "Lisa, I'm Frank." Then Kevin Youkilis made it all even worse & we lost. Well, Racist Frank, I hope you're happy in hell because God's a Yankee fan & that was clearly a sign he doesn't want you around.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kids Today!

Yesterday I was watching "Chelsea Lately" & my dad walks in the room as Chelsea is commenting on penis size. This caused my dad to turn around the other way & laugh about how the times have changed. Well it's true the times have changed & I'm not even talking about from the times of my dad to the times of me. I'm talking about from the time I was in 8th grade to kids that are in 8th grade now. I was getting my nails done recently & Tyra was on & it was about "sexting". A phenomenon I had never heard of, although it was pretty easy to figure out what it meant. There were girls 13 & 14 years old that were sending their boyfriends naked pictures of themselves! Also very dirty texts with things I did not even know what they meant at that age. I got embarrassed when they were just reading them on the show. I barely even kissed a boy when I was that old, let alone anything else.

When I was 4, I wanted to be Ariel, the Little Mermaid. Little girls today? Hannah Montana. The main difference: Ariel was not white trash, she was a cartoon princess. In exchange for those little underwater lovable Snorks, kids today have Spongebob. This show has more inuendo adult humor then Superbad. That's another thing! Kids don't have good, quality learn-your-lesson kinds of movies. There is no more Disney movie to make you feel every emotion known to man. They have to rely on the movies that came out when we were kids to teach them their lessons. I actually feel bad for kids today. My best friend Meghan was not allowed to watch "Saved by the Bell" when we were growing up. Her mom thought the show was too old for her. What would Maureen have said about "Gossip Girl"? They are supposed to be the same age as those kids from Bayside High, but there is way more adult content then just Zack & Kelly making out & everyone going "ooooooh". Parents are not shielding their youngsters from these things.

The music is different too. We had Britney when she was still sane & dating Justin Timberlake, then the frontman of NSYNC. Now all NSYNC has come down to is Joey Fatone out at Libation for Amanda & Angela's birthday (haha). Where I had Raffi, they now have Kidz Bop, which has kids singing the Pussycat Dolls & other inappropriate songs. PCD were on the Kids Choice Awards & didn't tone down their sexuality even a little bit. Way to be role models, girls! Katy Perry kissing girls wasn't even in the vicinity of being on the radio when we were young. What would my mother have done if that song came on the radio & I sang along?? I'm laughing just thinking about that actually. How the times have changed! There are so many things that even I, a girl who has seen it all will still shake my head & say "Kids Today!"

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I've been blogging too few & far between, I apologize but I haven't had any blog inspiration. I also haven't had as much time as I used to, which is good for me but bad for blogging. One thing I haven't given up on, however, is watching my TV shows. I've come to the conclusion that I watch a lot of television & when I say a lot I mean A LOT. In addition to sporting events & ESPN & YES on a constant basis, my list of shows is as follows: Heroes, Lost, 24, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Samantha Who?, Ellen, Chelsea Lately, The Soup, Private Practice, So You Think You Can Dance, The Biggest Loser & the latest addition, American Idol.

I used to watch AI when Ruben Studdard won & then the next season when J.Hud was on it but when she got kicked off, I stopped watching forever. That is, until this season. Since I have moved home, I often watch shows with my parents & they watch AI so I would be forced into it. The episodes leading up to the Top 13 were painful to see but now that they are good, I'm 100% hooked. I always like to discuss it with anyone who watches &/or will listen. I cannot stand Ryan Seacrest so I have to wait until half the show is over before I can watch it so I can fast forward to only the parts that they sing.

My favorite is Danny Gokey. I love his voice & I just think he is wonderful. Adam is amazing & although I won't like the music he will come out with, he's such a rock star already. I love what he does to the songs & he's such an entertainer. Those are my top 2. I was so glad when "Wiggles" got kicked off. That was that girl with the tattoos all down her arm whose name I don't even care if I remember or not. I called her Wiggles because of her weak ass dance moves. The rest of the ones left are so good, I'll be happy if any of them win. I'm glad they used the judge's save last week with Matt because I really like him. I hope Lil Rounds does better this week because I like her too but I think if not she's gotta go. Since 2 have to go this week I'm thinking it will probably be her & Anoop Dog. That's all I've got.