Monday, December 9, 2013

2013: A Year in Review

Facebook has their link on your profile that says "See Your 2013 Year in Review". So I clicked on it.  It's been a really good year. You forget about a lot of things that happened. So I was just thinking of writing my own "Year in Review".  Consider this your Christmas letter from me, updating you on my life.

This year has given us the Beyonce Superbowl Halftime Show (shocked I listed that first?), an *NSYNC reunion (albeit not all we were hoping for) and a Miley Cyrus performance that is unfortunately burned in all of our minds forever. I personally went to quite a few concerts this year.  John Legend made me remember why I love him so much.  Justin Timberlake reminded me that he still is, always has been and will always be my #1.  Oh yea, Jay-Z was good too.  There was also Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5 and of course, Bruno.

I got to see my Yankees play while in LA. Not only did we beat this year's NL Cy Young winner, but I also saw Mariano pitch in person for the last time.  My annual Miami football game was a bit of a wash...literally.  I did get to see us win a game though in North Carolina (while getting paid for it!)

This year, I laid by the pool. A lot. I discovered Gokul, the little Indian speller that changed my life. #Gokul2014. Texas Willie ran in a race, so there's another chapter of his book. I got tossed upside-down by a stripper and then ran away from him down the hallway (I wish I was kidding.) I got glasses. I finished a FitAthlon and then called out from work the next day because I couldn't get out of bed. An elephant snuck up on me.  I really wanted to try out for The Bachelor but would've had to quit my job.  Thanks a lot, Disney!

I switched departments at my job and have never been happier work-wise.  I bought a new car, which I love and got a new roommate, who I love even more. I made new friends and said goodbye to others.  I saw some of my very best friends in the world get engaged, married and even have babies!  I fell even more in love with both of my nieces and realize now more than ever how important family is.

Lastly, this year I discovered Game of Thrones and whoa my God, how my life has changed!  I was the baddest bitch ever for Halloween and Lily was a dragon. I don't really know how you can top that. 2013. Best. year. ever. Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


When I was a Freshman at Marist, I lived in a single.  As soon as it started to get warm out, I would literally have a swarm of ladybugs every morning in my room.  I'm not talking a couple, I'm talking like 20+ ladybugs every morning, flying into my face and waking me up.  I'm sure I ate more than a few.  It took me a long time to get over that and I HATED ladybugs for a while.  I would see them and say, "Ugh!" and spray them with Windex.  Eventually I started to show my merciful side and let them live.  A number of years have passed since then, and now when I see a ladybug, I don't think of that awful experience; that fades quickly.  I think of the experience of living in that room in Champagnat.  Oh, that room.  511.

I love to think about that room.  I remember all the memories that were made in that room and the friendships that are still going strong that began to take form there.  That, of course, always leads to me thinking of the other places that I lived with those same girls and the other friendships that were born along the way.   The places always changed but the friendships and the love has only grown.

One of those girls is getting married this weekend!  I cannot wait because every time I see these girls, I think of how unbelievably lucky I am to have them in my life.  (Should I call us women now or will you always be "the girls"?)  I look at the way our lives have turned out and despite everyone going in different directions, whenever we get together, we're always on the same page and it's always one of those nights that you can't help but love.  I see them and my heart fills with so much joy and I know that's super cheesy but it's absolutely true.  They are the greatest group of individuals as well as the greatest group of friends that a gal could ask for.  Love you bitches with all my heart.

But so anyway, ladybugs...yea, just saw one.

Andddd yea, thinking of getting a small ladybug tattoo with 4 dots (R4 duh), perhaps behind the ear.  Anybody in? Real talk.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Soothing the Savage Beast

I've been searching for a new apartment & it's such a pain in the ass. I've kind of reached my boiling point with it & have been in such an awful mood all day thinking about it. I decided to download some new music & it is amazing how much better I feel. I haven't gotten a bunch of new music in a while so it was time & it was such a good idea! I don't frequently write about music but I'll open up to new horizons because it is one of the great loves of my life.

Isn't it fantastic how music can totally change your life (cheesy but true!) I just discovered Laura Izibor & I am in love. She's got the same kind of vibe as like a John Legend, Alicia Keys, India Arie type. Oddly enough, I found out about her by watching One Tree Hill. I like her extra because I feel like she's all mine. I like to have favorite artists that nobody really knows about because I feel personally attached to them. That's how I feel about John Legend except now everyone knows about him. He's still mine though.

John Legend is the musical love of my life. My college roommate turned me on to him when his first album came out with "Ordinary People" (my 2nd favorite John song ever. If you guess the 1st, you win a prize.) I cried when he played O.P. at his concert & then when I told my mom about it, I cried again. I'm pathetic, what can I say? It's true love.

But the thing about music that I love the most, is the way it makes you feel. Certain songs bring you back to times in your life or remind you of people or places or times & that is what I love about it. There really is a soundtrack to our lives. I love listening to my iTunes & seeing what comes on. I frequently sit in the dark listening to music & close my eyes & see where it brings me. Maybe that sounds weird but I don't care. I also break out into dance parties on a regular basis. Get over it.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Snail Mail

Think about this for a second: getting a hand-written note/letter from someone. It's kind of funny to think about because it's really not one of those things you do frequently think about. I'm not talking e-mails or FaceBook messages or texts. Those are nice too but on a completely different not-as-good level. There's a reason why people would write love letters back in the day; "love e-mails" just don't have the same effect.

But the reason I thought about this is because sometimes when I'm a little lonely or miss my family, I put on my grandfather's old flannel shirt. It's just one of those silly little comfort things for me. But it got me to thinking about him & his little notes he used to send me in the mail. They were amazing. There was never a time that I got one that I didn't laugh out loud or at least smile. It was always such a nice surprise when I would check my mail (plus they always had money in them so that was an added bonus.) But I miss those notes terribly because they meant so much to me & not because of the money.

When someone takes the time out to write a note or draw a picture or whatever, I just find it to be such a nice gesture. This goes for "Thank You" notes, especially. I understand after weddings you have a lot of these to write out but when someone writes something specifically for me & not a generic one they write to everyone, I will keep the note because I love that they did it. It's just somewhat of a keepsake I suppose. Maybe it's the scrapbooker in me but I always like to see things on paper. [Tangent time: I would HATE it when I would go to a Sweet 16 & as a "Thank You" I would get one of the professional photos that was taken of the Sweet 16 girl. There is absolutely no reason that I would want a professional photo taken of you. Ever. Grandparents/families? Yes. Me? HEEELLLLL NAW! But so anyway, I digress...] I worked with a girl recently that I helped train. When she was moving on to another department, she wrote me a hand-written "Thank You" note. I couldn't get over it, thought it was so nice. I later found out she wrote the same note to another girl, but hey, it's the thought that counts. My mother would love to hear me saying this because she was constantly trying to instill in me the importance of writing "Thank You's". Job well-done, Linda. You did it!

So I understand why people send Christmas cards but they've gotten to the point where they aren't personal anymore, they're more of a pain in the ass than anything. I would love it if in every one of my Christmas cards this year, there was a hand-written note to me, so get on that all 2 of you that send me Christmas cards. But I love to send little cards to my friends for stupid reasons. In fact, I'm going to start doing it more. And maybe draw little pictures inside & cut out jokes for them. Pop Pop would be proud :)

PS I always enjoy writing so much, I really don't know why I don't do it more.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crazy Dreams...

I have some pretty weird ass dreams & half the time I can't remember them all but I do remember the one I had this morning. So my cat Lily wakes up around 5 AM almost every day & sometimes when she makes too much noise or is too annoying I lock her in the bathroom so I can sleep. Such was the case this morning & then I fell asleep & this is what I dreamed...

She was banging against the door so I got up to let her out. When I opened the door, a large grizzly bear had somehow pushed aside my toilet & was climbing up through the hole in the floor. Lily ran out & I slammed the door (because you know, bears can't break down flimsy doors.) I'm not sure why I didn't flee my apartment but I guess I'm not much of a thinker in dreams. Instead I hid in my room with Lily & called animal control & decided it was safe enough to go back to sleep until they got there.

Then I woke up & just to be on the safe side, I let Lily out of the bathroom.