Monday, November 23, 2009

Dog Talk

Isn't it funny how much everyone always talks about their dogs? I am certainly guilty as charged because I can talk about Maggie until the cows come home. What I find funny about this is that we all think that people really care about this or that thing that our dog did. But the truth is, does anyone really give a hoot, or in this case, a bark? (Ba dum bum)

Maggie had her very own adventure this week while my parents were away. First, she came with me to Hoboken & explored the glories of 519 with Jade & Alyssa. Then we went to a dog park where the other dog owners & myself talked about what else, our dogs. Mag wasn't having any of this, however & squeezed her little way through the gate to escape so that playtime was over. Then I brought her to Holly Hill & she also had an over night play date with her boyfriend, Charlie. I felt it was completely necessary to tell almost everyone I talked to about Maggie's week, because obviously they were dying to know all the things my dog did. I mean, let's face it, I'm even blogging about it right now.

I love dogs, though & it's often a good icebreaker when you have that in common with someone because you never run out of things to discuss. This was the case with this boy I was recently associating with. He had a golden retriever puppy that I was obsessed with. Looking back on it, I was always more excited to see the dog then I was the boy. We would always talk about our dogs & I even broke out the photos like the proud Mama I am. I can only imagine what I'm gonna be like as a mom, because if I talk about my dog this much, everyone is going to hate me when it comes to my child.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Turning Over a New Leaf

I have recently seen the error of my ways & have decided it's time to turn over a new leaf. I have perfected the "fun/party girl"-look & I've got the "drunkest girl at the bar/party/enter name here"-look down to a science. The look I haven't tried on yet, or at least haven't come out of the dressing room to show anybody, is the "girlfriend"-look. As my 24th birthday rapidly approaches, however, I think it's about time to switch it up a bit.

The problem lies in this: I have no idea how to become a girlfriend. I've been so good at being "no-strings-attached girl" that I don't know how to tie them on me! How does a girl who is extremely uncomfortable discussing feelings & emotions try to bring that stuff up to a guy, who is equally uncomfortable with such things? And I don't want some wuss who all he does is discuss his feelings & follows me around like a lost puppy, I want a real man.

Problem number 2 lies in this. Real men are assholes, or at least the ones I'm attracted to/attract. I don't wanna have to settle for somebody either, especially since I've been looking for so long. I want a nice, funny, attractive guy over 5'9" who enjoys watching sports & calls before the hour of midnight, is that really too much to ask? I've got friends who are perpetual girlfriends that I seriously think I need some how-to lessons from. They all seem to have found pretty decent guys so the fact that I can't even find one really worries me. I think I'm quite a catch so I really just don't get it. I have been known to self-sabotage when I think somebody is getting too close, so I really need to quit with that first of all. One step at a time, though. Let's first find a guy who actually calls. Fingers crossed ladies, fingers crossed.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Photo Catch Up

So since I absolutely suck at blogging lately, instead of writing an immensely long blog about what I've been up to lately I thought I'd put up a little photo montage since after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. There was Lady Gaga for Halloween, Yankee World Series Champions & Miami Homecoming Weekend. So here's what's been going down in my life since my last entry...

Now that I'm all caught up without writing a thing, expect big things soon enough.