Friday, October 23, 2009

Ca$h Cab

It's so funny to me every time I try to get a cab in NYC. Of course, I say a little prayer beforehand that it will be the Ca$h Cab. I know I am not alone in this quest, either. Ever since that show began I have watched it regularly & know that I would kill it if I ever got in it. It's so funny what a phenomenon this show has become in this city.

Yesterday when I was on the bus, I overheard two women talking about the show. Maybe they'd get the elusive cab that pays you, they thought. Not if I beat you to it, bitches. My brother Kevin rarely makes a trip to the city so when we went in together one night for his birthday, he was very intent on finding Ben Bailey. We only hailed mini-van cabs & in every one I sat in the answerer's seat just in case. On the way home, we did not get it but we did ask the taxi driver if he could quiz us anyway. He was not amused.

If I ever do find this 1 in 3.8 million cabs that is in fact the one, I really hope I'm with somebody. Of course by somebody, I mean Jade & Amanda. I've already worked it out with her that if I was on the show by myself, Jade would be my mobile shout out & vice versa. If I was with Jade, Amanda would be ours & if I was with both, I'm pretty sure Papa Aubrey gets it. I would also fo sho go for the double or nothing video bonus question, no matter what. You're still getting a free cab ride even if you get it wrong so why the f not?

See, I can still write posts about non-sports related business! But GO YANKEES!

Friday, October 16, 2009

I Bleed Blue

It feels good to be back in the postseason, real good. It feels especially good to be back in the ALCS & I'm sure it will feel even better (fingers-crossed) when we get to the World Series. I faced quite the dilemma going into the Division Series. Since I am a Yankees fan (obviousry), it goes against everything that I believe in down to my bones to ever want the Red Sox to win. Ever. But I'm not gonna lie, I'd much rather have faced a team that we beat the last 9 out of 10 games in the regular season, as opposed to the Angels. I make no secret about it, I'm a little scared of the Angels. I'm aware that we are the best team in baseball but that doesn't mean I don't have a deep respect for that Angels lineup & their manager. The way they played tonight, however gives me a little confidence booster.

I had a pit in my stomach all day because I was nervous about this series. My nails are finally long enough that if I have an itch I get a good scratch, so I'm really hoping I don't gnaw them all off. It's funny though, because as soon as the first pitch was thrown, I was calm, cool & collected. If I'm this way, I can only imagine how the players are since they actually have to play in these games, while I just have to sit & watch them. I think we played a solid game tonight, though. CC was wheelin & dealin. I love love looove that Derek's new walk-up song is "Empire State of Mind". Alex is on fiya & I love it. Something I do not love, however is Mark Teixiera's post-season performance thus far. Yes, he had that game-winning home run & I was proud but that's his only RBI & he hasn't had any other hits with runners on base & that's not very good. Just something to keep your eye on.

I don't wanna jump the gun here because we play 1 series at a time & this needs all of our focus. However, I was thinking today about the possible World Series match-ups & I am unabashedly cheering for the Dodgers to win the NLCS. To be honest, the only reason I'm hoping for this is because I wanna see who gets a bigger ovation at Yankee Stadium, Joe Torre or Don Mattingly. I'm banking on Donnie but it'll be fun to see. If the Phillies make it to the WS, though I only hope for one thing: Pedro Martinez is pitching the deciding game & we beat him mercilessly & then throw him to the ground like he did Don Zimmer all those years ago. That's all I've got for now. Hopefully my next blog will be a happy one.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Marist College, WHAT HAVE YOU BECOME!?

This weekend was Marist Alumni Weekend & R4 was returning to the scene where it all started. The problem is, that scene was not what it used to be. Yes, the Red Fox Wraps are still delicious & Dandy the Lion is still driving cabs & the view is still beautiful & R4 girls are just as wild & crazy as ever but it just wasn't the same.

We began our night going out to dinner. We saw a couple of friends & discussed our plan of action for the night. Then we went back to our hotel to get ready. This part of it all did not change. I love my friends more then life & I miss them & I miss living with them so much. The alcohol was flowing a plenty & so were the jokes & reminiscing. It was just like being in college all over again & we were looking forward to a night out together. This is where the problems began.

Being Alumni Weekend, every place we wanted to go to was packed. This was expected. What was not expected was Hatter being 18 & over rather then the usual A.W. 21. It was full of freshmen & not at all what we wanted. This is not even mentioning that they were trying to charge a $20 cover! I don't care how much I missed dancing there, Hatter is never worth a $20 cover. We went to Mahoney's & knew no one. Then in the cab, you forget how many people those Pokipse cab drivers try to sneak in there. I was not pleased. We always dressed a bit on the risque side but these newbies have taken that to a whole new level. Last night was freezing & I saw 1 girl with a tube top mini-dress & that was all. Apparently this is the new trend with kids these days. We gave up after a little while & just went to the diner, where I ordered not 1 but 2 RFWs.

All-in-all it was a good weekend but the only reason for this was because I was with some of my favorite people on earth; Marist had nothing to do with it. Yes, of course it was nice to go to campus & just walk around & think about all the good times we had there but I think that will unfortunately be the last time we go back to that campus in a very long time.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Taste of "Simply Fabulous"

So I usually leave the beauty/make-up blogging to Simply Fabulous but hey, I've been constantly surrounded by beauty products lately so why not? My mother sells Mary Kay, Jade does PR for Cargo & Alyssa does advertising for Neutrogena. So basically what I'm saying is that I wouldn't be caught dead buying face wash anytime in the near future. Now, let's talk a little bit about my favorite products.

I recently began using Cargo's Lash Activator. You may have heard the buzz about it already because when I just looked it up online, it's apparently the next big thing. I have been using it for about a week & a half. They say you don't see noticeable results until at least 2 weeks but yesterday after I got out of the shower, my mom said my eyes looked nice so I'm thinking there's gotta be some correlation. I'm not sure if I actually notice any difference myself but I'm pretty easily influenced by that placebo effect so it could be that too. Since Cargo is all-natural & eco-friendly, I'm not as worried about my eyelids turning black either, as I would be with that stuff Brooke Shields endorses. Also, I occasionally use the "Eve Pinky" lipstick created by Whitney Port for Cargo & although most people hate it because of the audacious pink color, I kind of love it.

As for Mary Kay, I have a bottomless pit of makeup constantly available to me. I don't use a ton of the makeup actually, (mainly because I don't wear a ton of makeup) but the products I certainly do use. I like the pressed powder fo sho. I use both kinds of face wash, the lotion, body wash, pimple removal & my personal favorite is the eye soothing gel, which works great after a long night out & my eyes don't wanna work the next day. And since I mentioned the other two, throwing some good PR Alyssa's way, I always have & always will swear by Neutrogena face wash.

But okay, that's about all the girly talk I can handle. Go Yankees!