Thursday, March 25, 2010


Here's what I love most about being an ESPN employee: I am finally taken seriously as a real sports fan. This may sound odd because anyone who knows me knows that's what I am all about. I'm a diehard but yet before, there were still those non-believers who were ALWAYS men.

Why is it that when a guy says he loves sports, other guys simply believe him? I have met plenty a man who just says that so he sounds like a man, but when you really get down to it he has no idea what's going on. When I would tell people that I am a huge sports fan, they would have to test me. In general, I'd pass their tests but they wouldn't pass mine. This boy I was recently with never said it, but I knew he didn't give my sports knowledge enough respect. That was until we were at a bar & the show on SNY "Beer Money" came on. For those out of the NY area, it's a NY sports trivia show & the only show I will watch on that Mets channel. Aside from the astoundingly annoying host, it's a great show. It was a Yankees trivia time when we were watching & it was the hardest question that you either get all the money or lose it & the contestant had not a clue what the answer was. I happened to know the answer & what did this boy say? "Did you see this episode already?" No jackass, I am just a Yankee fan. This coming from the same guy who wears an Eli Manning jersey to Giants games. We're not speaking anymore, btw.

There was also a time that I was with another gal friend of mine who is also a very big sports fan. There was a guy that actually said the phrase, "I love it when girls pretend like they know about sports". He was lucky we just got up & left, rather then throwing drinks in his face or much worse. Are people really that archaic? And is anyone watching this Xavier/K.State game right now?? Madness!

I'm not saying that every guy is like that. I have plenty of gentlemen friends who totally get how much I love sports & they absolutely respect it. Loving sports is part of who I am, which is why my new job is perfect. I'm no Buster Olney "Baseball Analyst" but just the title of working at ESPN has certainly brought me several levels up in the minds of those non-believers. Speaking of good old Buster, I was on the scene today watching them taping BBTN (& by them, I mean him, Aaron Boone & Nomar...or Nomahh depending upon where you're from.) So I'll say it again, I love my job. :)


drumbeatcherry2 said...

I get quizzed sometimes too. Also I love the Yankees! And Eli Manning! But not the really Metz... don't watch them. Did you hear about how Matsui is on the Angels now? If they get rid of Jeter I'll start crying! I swear.

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* Dots * said...

Men are all the same. Self-absorbed. They use woman because they believe we were put here for their entertainment.