Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Talkin' Baseball

Let me start off first & foremost by saying how much I love this team! If you're not an avid reader of the blog, let me just inform you that "this team" that I speak of is none other than the NY Yankees. It's the first time in a long time that I actually feel like we are a team, rather then just a bunch of individual superstars playing together. We don't give up & really seem to be having fun playing, which is exactly how it should be! The pie in the face is my favorite & it really cracks me up. These new guys in the clubhouse are a welcome addition!

If you know me even remotely you know there are 2 things that I can jabber on & on about for days: pizza & baseball. What I love about talkin' baseball is that anyone who loves baseball loves talking about it. Everyone loves hearing everyone else's opinions & thoughts & it's just a way to bring people together all over the world. Pop Pop & I have been talkin' baseball ever since I was a wee one. It used to be him telling me all the stories of great Yankees past & present & I would listen & take it all in. I owe this man every ounce of Yankee fandom that exists in me. Eventually it became what it is now & every time we get together we talk about the latest games, acquisitions, etc. He even calls me after a good play or a home run so we can talk about it. I love it so much.

Being a girl, guys find it unusual that I know so much about baseball so they feel it necessary to quiz me on my intellect. I always succeed with flying colors & they see that I am a worthy companion to talk baseball with. If I quizzed them, I might not be so impressed but they just don't believe that a girl can know so much until I prove them wrong. I actually get incredibly turned off if I know more about sports then a boy does because clearly he is not man enough for me. A necessary quality of a husband for me is that we need to be able to have good sports conversations. The male members of my immediate family are not exactly sports savvy & my brother's best friend even requested an audience with yours truly because he can't talk sports enough with my brother.

It's funny how sports can be such a bonding/breaking point. Everybody needs that friend or two that they can debate sports points with. I loved being at Marist & then Miami because there were so many different views that people had & it made for much more interesting talk. Sometimes those views were too divergent from my own & fights nearly ensued several times but I gotta respect anybody who can equal my passion. A girl doesn't get a tattoo for something she only likes a little bit. There's not enough diversity on this island for my liking & too many pretend fans if you ask me. This will not stop me though, from constantly trying to find new people to talk sports with.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The other night I was watching the Yankee game & while I was up finding something to eat like I do every commercial break, a commercial for eHarmony came on. I normally pay no heed to such things but they mentioned it was a free communication weekend so I thought why not give it a try & see what it's all about? I could never see myself paying to be a part of an online dating site but if it was free then what did I have to lose?

So I went on the site & answered the 50983892 questions that they ask you about yourself & your potential mate & got so annoyed at how long it was taking that I almost gave up but then finally got to the end. By this time it was late so I went to bed & when I woke up & looked at my phone, I had 17 new emails, all from eHarmony! I was matched with so many people so I had to go online & start communicating to get use out of the free weekend. The part they don't tell you about this free communicating, is that the only way you get to see their picture is if you pay for the service. NO THANK YOU! Maybe I'm too shallow but there is no way that I could ever meet someone that I met online without ever seeing their picture first. Yea, most people send only their best photos & ones that are them when they weighed about 300 pounds less but at least you can get an idea. So I closed all of the matches that I was sent & thought that'd be it. Nope! The next morning, I woke up with 20 more matches! This caused me to close my account entirely. So, yea that was a complete waste of time.

This was not my first attempt at meeting someone online & most people do not know this story because I'm a little embarrassed I resorted to this. A friend of mine K.F. had a boyfriend that she had met on Craig's List. She was always going on there & finding all great things so I thought one day that I'd check it out to see if I could find anything. While in Miami, I came across a fella in the Navy who seemed like a nice guy & appeared highly attractive in his picture (although it was far away so I couldn't tell for sure, but he had a dog & I'm a sucker for a puppy). So what is the cliche thing to do? Send him an e-mail saying that I've never met anyone online before but he seemed cool so I decided to give it a shot. We ended up emailing back & forth for a while & then (with 2 escorts of course) I decided to meet him in person. Let's just say that Ethan sent a picture with his dog for a reason & that reason was for suckers like me who love dogs. It was then & there that I swore off online dating (until the words "Free Communication Weekend" flashed across my eyes, of course.)

The moral of this story is that online dating might be for some people, but I'd prefer to meet my men the old-fashioned way: while severely intoxicated at a bar!