Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Completely Random Post

I couldn't think of 1 particular thing to post about so I decided to have a plethora of subjects for your reading pleasure.

1st topic: I don't know if you are aware of the pandemic spreading around. No, I'm not referring to swine flu, I'm talking about Twitter. I gave in a while ago & joined because Amanda told me it was fun (& basically I just always do what Amanda tells me to do.) I pretty much only follow celebrities that I like & my friends. I don't really see the point of it otherwise. I enjoy it but I probably don't update as much as I should. I'm sure I will more when I get my CrackBerry in a few weeks & update via Twitter Berry.

2nd topic: Why is it that it's always the ugly guys that hit on you? While in AC with the girls this past weekend, we all looked pretty hot & of course it's the old ugly guys that notice & never the ones you want to notice. For example, while walking through the casino, I heard a few cat calls & whistles thrown our way & when I saw who did it, I just kept on walking. Maybe it's the hot ones who don't need to do such things because girls just flock to them like I do to a chocolate fountain at a wedding. When we went out, the dance floor was beyond crowded so I kept trying to find little open pockets of air to dance in but kept getting bombarded quickly. This one guy continued his bombardment, which he referred to as dancing & I yelled at him & said I just like to have space to dance. He then hugged me & said oh, so you don't like this? It was funny so I gave in for a dance & it was just awful. He wasn't bad looking but his dance moves were probably even too white for the KKK.

3rd topic: Sticking with the AC trend, this topic is craps! My new favorite game. I am far from a gambler but I love craps. Lauren taught me how to play & I won $60 (well technically $40 because I started out with $20, but still pretty good.) I don't know what type of techniques I used, but I was an excellent roller. Loved it so much that even after we went out, we stayed at the tables to watch others play. They no longer had $5 tables at night so we weren't willing to bet so much at a time. I don't think anyone minded that we didn't play though because they probably saw how intoxicated we were & our rolling techniques would likely not work as well.

4th topic: MIAYOOOO! I'm going to Miami this weekend & am so so so excited about it! I cannot wait to go to Sandbar & drink RBVs, as served by Johnny Gyllenhall. I will eat a Stop & Shop sandwich & maybe even Sam (Creepy Sam, not Sanko) will finally give us a free sandwich. PARTY IN THE CITY WHERE THE HEAT IS ON!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Smitten Kitten

Normally my baseball posts center around the Yankees but since they are so turrrible lately, they don't even deserve a mention, even with my Alex coming back tomorrow. What this baseball post will be about is none other then my boyfriend/future husband, Evan Longoria. It was love at first sight. You may think I am kidding but for some odd reason, I really think I have a legitimate chance of this actually happening.

I have him on my fantasy team, but he plays a much more prominent role in other fantasies of mine. It brings me back to when Alex was on the Mariners/Rangers because I would look forward to those games so I could see him. I think I may look forward to seeing my Evan more, though which is unheard of considering how much I love Alex. There's a new 3rd baseman in my life, I suppose. I don't even love him just because he's a baseball player, I really could care less about that. Believe me, I've had some very un-baseball related dreams about him. I am now following him on Twitter & like the freak-o that I am, I continue to send him @ messages in hopes that my unrequited love will soon be returned. I only sent 2 so I'm not a total stalker (not that he knows about anyway). He probably thinks I'm such a dork, if he thinks of me at all. I really want to say something witty to him that has nothing to do with baseball but I don't want to scare him off. I was thinking "You & my mom have the same birthday!" Like I said, dork.

On my dream day, the Yankees were playing the Rays so I peaked around a little but unfortunately I couldn't find him. I was too busy trying not to burst into hysterics to give it a real good look. It was still the beginning of our love then, so I really didn't feel as strongly about him as I do now. He's not even what most people would consider attractive, but clearly love is blind! Yes, he is a Tampa Bay Ray but Romeo & Juliet didn't have it easy either. At least he doesn't play for Boston, then we would really have a conundrum on our hands.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Blogaversary

I just realized that my 1 year blog anniversary has just passed 2 days ago. It seems like only yesterday we started. I think I have, however lived up to the name "Completely Random" looking back on all of these posts. Yes, sports seems to be a recurring theme but that's just because I have an addiction, sir. I hope you've enjoyed reading about my so called life. (I think I squeezed about as many TV/song quotes in these 3 sentences as was physically possible without it being obtrusive. For 10 bonus points: see if you can figure them all out & where they are from!)