Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Hyphen Team

OK so I just got back from the M-I-A & I cannot even begin to talk about how much fun this weekend was.  I saw almost all of my friends & it was just the greatest time ever! The weekend started off at the car rental & we ordered a compact car but what did we get? A convertible at no extra cost! (Of course it was raining all weekend so we were only able to use it twice). But such big shots we were...the coolest kids on campus definitely returned in style.

So Thursday we arrived & stayed at Wittle's. I had very high expectations about Thursday night & although certain hopes were not filled it overall was a super duper night. Sandbar & Moe's, like usual. Friday we went to campus, a little shopping, got a Stop & Shop sandwich...it was great. Friday night we were V.I.P. at Cabana One so we popped bottles for a while with some pretty important people. Saturday was the game, which was such a debaucherous event. It poured but luckily I had my poncho! Not only did we win the game, but we got to march out with the BAND OF THE HOUR! Then after dragging our sorry asses out to South Beach, we had probably the best night of the whole trip. It was Matt's birthday so we went to Dulce & had bottle service there & they played the best music so the dance party was fabulous. Then a Sunday at Sandbar to watch football. All my favorite things jam packed into one fun-filled weekend.

It was so good to see everyone, even people that I really didn't care all that much about seeing. The entire A-Team was also back together again & this includes not only the chipmunks but also the hyphen. Wittle was the best host ever & I don't think he reads my blog but if he does, then thank you again!! He put up with all of our antics & absurdity & never complained. We wuv you Wittle! Having the A-Team back together just made me so happy & I never wanted to leave. Mewr take me back!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Back In Action

Long time, no blog! That's because I have been a spoiled brat lately, traveling around the world. My vacation was absolutely incredible! I would blog about it but it would probably be the world's longest post. What I will say is that I had the most amazing time. L.A. was pretty cool, San Diego was better & Hawaii was definitely the best. We did so many cool things in Hawaii, the weather was awesome & I was with my Sarah Anne so I loved it & want to go back right now. I swam with wild dolphins. Enough said. Thursday I'm going to Miami, so again I have the best month ever.

What I do want to blog about is fat people. It's just ridiculous to me how fat people can actually get. I'm talking obesity. I was waiting for the bus yesterday & I saw this guy that I actually was amazed he could walk. He was a giant. When I was in L.A. there was a guy on a motorcycle that was as wide as a car. I really wished I got a picture of him because the fact that he was weaving through cars was making me nervous because I was sure he wasn't going to fit. His legs were as wide as my body. And those poor kids who are so fat! Keep them away from the fast food, bud! My mom sent me to dancing school because I was a chubster, so I guess exercise is also the solution.

I just don't understand obesity. I get that it's a mental problem too but my mentality is that if you notice you are gaining weight, don't you try to do something about that? I thought I gained a couple of pounds so I began exercising & going to a place to workout. I also cut back on my snacks. I knew I was going to be in a bathing suit so I needed to shape up & not to brag, but I think I looked good. But don't you see the scale tipping because I know you didn't become 500 pounds over night. There is no excuse for that. One of my cousins has a weight problem. She was telling me that she & her husband are trying to lose weight. Okay that's good but don't just be all talk. They stayed at our house recently & they ate all of our food! My mom made several dozen brownies & usually these things will last for a couple of weeks in my house because we all pick at them & have one every so often. Would you like to know how long the brownies lasted when my cousin was here? One night. Not even 24 hours. Please don't tell me you're trying to lose weight & then go & eat 2 dozen brownies in 1 sitting & leave none for anyone else.

It's called self-control. I'm no fitness/diet expert but here's my advice to you if you are obese. Limit yourself to one brownie or one cookie. Do not have thirds, fourths, etc. because trust me, you can survive without it. Go exercise once in a while, it's good for you. You should also probably not have chips because I've seen what you people can do on a bag of chips. This probably sounds really harsh but whatever, I don't have any sympathy. Maybe you should've taken care of this problem before it was such a BIG problem.