Monday, August 18, 2008

Super Fantastic

I've recently come to the conclusion that I like fantasy far more then reality. Yes, this seems obvious to everyone because who wouldn't love their own Superman, but for me I cannot tell you how much I wish this was the world I lived in. From super heroes to vampires to wizards, I want this to be my life.

I just started reading Twilight. I'd seen all those Facebook bumper stickers & always wondered about this Edward Cullen person. Who was he & why was he so wonderful? Well, I'm not that far along in the book & I can already see why he is such a big deal. It's good so far, but it's supposed to get more suspenseful, which I like. Some people have criticized my choice of book because of it's "lame story line" but I could care less. Call me kinky but I enjoy the occasional biting so a vampire sounds good to me!

Now I am also a huge Harry Potter fan so falling in love with Edward Cullen, I feel like I'm cheating on Harry. I basically wish every single day that I were not a muggle & could fly on a broomstick & apparate from place to place & use Polyjuice Potion to become Jessica Alba, but let's face it, I have no magical powers. I am past the age of acceptance into Hogwarts & I am saddened by this consistently.

As for super heroes, clearly Peter Petrelli has my heart. It's always the magical ones who I fall in love with. As Jess on Gilmore Girls, Milo Ventimiglia had no appeal to me, but as Peter, I have never been more in love with a human (or super human in this case). Anytime I see previews for the new season of Heroes I almost can't contain my excitement.

I'm telling you, the reason I have not found any guy worth my time is because I have expectations that are impossible to meet. It started at an early age with Disney princes and it has continued to this day. Get it through your head, Amy...fictional characters cannot be your boyfriends!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

So Cute

My brother showed this to me & I am not ashamed to admit that I cried. I know I haven't posted any blogs in a while but I've just been so busy. I thought this one was just too cute to pass up. Enjoy!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Fantasy Psychic

OK so I was just going to write about my love for special dates & times & the upcoming 08/08/08 but that was kind of boring. I'm watching the Yankee game & Xavier Nady just hit a homerun to tie it. I have had Nady on my fantasy team all year & I'm so glad my real team saw what I saw, especially after his 6 RBIs yesterday.

Now I have a bit of a 6th sense when it comes to fantasy baseball & the Yankees. As I just mentioned, I had Nady & then that's who the Yankees traded for. During Spring Training I remember playing a game against the Pirates & I noticed Damaso Marte as he was pitching. Michael Kay had nothing but excellent things to say about him so I put him on my "Watch List". I didn't pick him up because he was only a relief pitcher & not a closer so he wasn't all that valuable in the fantasy world. I did however keep up with everything he was doing throughout the season. Who also came to the Yankees in the same trade that brought over Nady? You guessed it...Damaso Marte.

Now this all doesn't seem so unusual until my next move. I had Jorge on my fantasy team but when he went down I needed another catcher in addition to Joe Mauer. Since catchers don't play every single day it's a good idea to carry 2 of them. Looking through the available players, I stumbled upon Pudge Rodriguez who I couldn't understand why he was a free agent & Jose Molina was not. Molina is a great defensive catcher but as a hitter, why would you have him on your fantasy team? But so anyway, I grabbed Pudge & thought this was an excellent pick up. I guess the Yankees had similar thoughts because literally the next day, he was a Yankee. I'm going into broadcasting but if the Yankees need any help in the front office, I could probably be of some use. It's like I have ESPN or something.