Tuesday, April 30, 2013


When I was a Freshman at Marist, I lived in a single.  As soon as it started to get warm out, I would literally have a swarm of ladybugs every morning in my room.  I'm not talking a couple, I'm talking like 20+ ladybugs every morning, flying into my face and waking me up.  I'm sure I ate more than a few.  It took me a long time to get over that and I HATED ladybugs for a while.  I would see them and say, "Ugh!" and spray them with Windex.  Eventually I started to show my merciful side and let them live.  A number of years have passed since then, and now when I see a ladybug, I don't think of that awful experience; that fades quickly.  I think of the experience of living in that room in Champagnat.  Oh, that room.  511.

I love to think about that room.  I remember all the memories that were made in that room and the friendships that are still going strong that began to take form there.  That, of course, always leads to me thinking of the other places that I lived with those same girls and the other friendships that were born along the way.   The places always changed but the friendships and the love has only grown.

One of those girls is getting married this weekend!  I cannot wait because every time I see these girls, I think of how unbelievably lucky I am to have them in my life.  (Should I call us women now or will you always be "the girls"?)  I look at the way our lives have turned out and despite everyone going in different directions, whenever we get together, we're always on the same page and it's always one of those nights that you can't help but love.  I see them and my heart fills with so much joy and I know that's super cheesy but it's absolutely true.  They are the greatest group of individuals as well as the greatest group of friends that a gal could ask for.  Love you bitches with all my heart.

But so anyway, ladybugs...yea, just saw one.

Andddd yea, thinking of getting a small ladybug tattoo with 4 dots (R4 duh), perhaps behind the ear.  Anybody in? Real talk.