Saturday, May 15, 2010

3rd Dibs!

So I've been living in Connecticut for about 2 months now & I can count the number of good-looking guys that I have seen (not met, just seen) on 1 hand. In a company that is more than half men, you would think there would be a few but there's really not. Aaron Boone is about the only one, except for this one guy. I see him all the time & we never spoke so I didn't even know his name. One night I noticed him talking to this kid I work with & also my other friend, Stephanie. She & I were not really that good of friends yet so I felt weird asking.
So last night, Erica & I went on our usual Friday night date & were at a bar trying to find at least 1 decent looking guy. In an entire bar, there was not one. Then we got to talking about how there aren't even that many good-looking guys at work & I mentioned this guy that I had noticed. She said she also only noticed 1 guy & she described him & said his name was Russ & my secret boyfriend certainly didn't look like a Russ to me, so I knew it couldn't be the same guy.
So later on, Steph texted me to see what we were up to & we decided we'd all meet up. After a few drinks I asked her who this guy was. I described him & she instantly knew who I was talking about & she had a crush on him too. What is his name? Russ. All 3 of us were talking about the same guy. He was even going to be meeting up with us later that night. We think, unfortunately though, that he has a girlfriend. And none of us were wrong in our assessment, he is a stud. Just goes to show, though that obviously I wasn't kidding about there being anybody that's good-looking if in a company of thousands of people we all liked the same one.