Monday, February 22, 2010

Icy Hot

I have been totally into the Olympics this year. Normally, I'm not such a Winter Olympics fan but for some reason, I'm totally digging it this time around. Yes there are still those wack games, like curling & biathlon but overall, I'm feeling it. USA hockey beating Canada last night was awesome & I'm feeling another "Miracle" movie, aren't you? Granted, I'm not interested in winning a trip to every Winter Olympics for the rest of my life like Visa is giving away, but I have been enjoying it.

I've always watched the figure skating & I feel the same way about that sport as I do about gymnastics. What boggles my mind is how they do all those jumps & when they throw the girl up & she spins & then lands on her feet. Maybe I'm a bit of a klutz but if anyone were to throw me up in the air (especially with ice skates on) I would not spin, I would not defy gravity, I would go straight down on my bum. I want to know if they can do moves like that while just on their feet or do they need the momentum from the ice skates? Either way, they get tons of credit from a person who cannot ice skate without the safety of the wall next to her. Same goes for the speed skaters.

I think I'd compare speed skating & downhill skiing to how I feel about swimming in the summer games. I was recently thinking about my last ski trip that I went on, in which I was tricked & sent down a Black Diamond. I too, raced down that hill just as Lindsey Vonn & Bode Miller have been doing but there was no gold medal in it for me. The difference between myself & the pros? I thought I was going to die & screamed the entire ride down with absolutely no control of my body, let alone my skis. My medal came in the form of Jagermeister in the lodge.

I also finally found a redhead that I can really grow to love. Shaun White. The kid boggled my mind. Since snowboarding is a relatively new sport, he is totally going to be the founding father of it & everyone will be compared to him for years to come. Shaun White, the Babe Ruth of snow.

One last mention that is an interesting tidbit here. I have insomnia & I have totally found a cure for it in these Olympics: cross-country skiing. It's a terrible sport.