Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shop Talk

Ok so let me get this straight. Miami beat Florida State. Florida State just beat BYU. BYU beat Oklahoma. We (Miami) will be playing Oklahoma in 2 weeks. I'm feeling much better about our chances now! I mean, yes we do have to play Virginia Tech next & they will be a challenge but I do really appreciate how good my team is this year & I've got faith! Last year when I found out we were going to be playing Oklahoma at home, I put that game in my loss column. Big time. Now, it'll be a good one. Love love love Jacory Harris & how about Jimmy Graham! Miami basketball star turned football star with the TD against GT! Way to go Fing! I don't wanna jump the gun, but I can almost smell a BCS game. Perhaps the Orange Bowl?

As for my other football team, I'm feeling good about our first game. This week though, is where we'll really see what we're made of. Nothing would make me happier then to go into that brand new multi-billion dollar stadium in Texas & beat the shit out of those Cowboys. Ya'll know how I feel about Texas & I don't like to see Texans be sad, but if it's my happiness or theirs I think you can guess where my loyalties lie. Go Giants!

As for my baseball team, I really hope they're not just resting on their laurels because I'd really like to see this American East title be locked up. I'm pretty disappointed in the Rangers because I was hoping they'd at least make the Wild Card interesting but as it looks now, it will be my enemy in the postseason. If things ended today, we'd be playing the Tigers in the division series & then either the Angels or the Red Sox in the ALCS, which I wouldn't really prefer either of those scenarios. Then I'm putting my money on either the Dodgers or Cardinals in the World Series & it's gonna be tough. But I mean, you gotta beat the best to be the best & then a parade after that hard fought fight would be very rewarding.

That's all the sports talk I got for you tonight. You stay classy, Planet Earth.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's in a Name?

So for as long as I can remember (& by this I mean freshman year of college), I have been calling people by nicknames. I'm not talking about my friends, I'm talking about random people & sometimes even complete strangers. From the beginning of time, I have compiled quite the interesting list. I have a problem remembering names & apparently so do my friends. Why would I waste the time saying somebody's name when they only ask who? Then I must say "Oh, you know (insert nickname)."

Let's start with Marist. On our floor alone there was: Rigatoni, Loafer, Jimmers, Flannel, Mattew, Hockey Mike, Hockey Jon, Couch Potato. I did not make up all of these but that's just to name a few. Then throughout our years, many more nicknames popped up. Angie Ang, Ariel, Secret Boyfriend, Number 1, Jenko Jeans Kyle & Texas Will. Then there were our lovely neighbors, Wolf mouth, Clefty & Giraffe.

First and foremost from Miami, there's Wittle, of course. Then rounding out the A-Team there was also Stripper Theo & Da Brat. The Nooj not only had a nickname but also about 20 million CGs, including International Superstar, Defibrillator Inventor, Former Fat Kid & Prince of UM. Then obviously Creepy Sam, the Cheetah, Chris Cute Boy, Condo Boy, Virginia Stop & Shop, DJ Ronnie G, the Fing, SR, Poo Parenting, TimmyTommy & my personal favorite, Big Brown.

These days, I have 1 serious boyfriend (Evan Longoria), who is always referred to as such. Other then him though, we've recently seen the Virgin, the Army Creep (even though he was in the Marines), the Dancer, my Soul Mate & someone I have also recently given the name of the Power Ranger.

Every name has a story & every story is usually pretty funny. I'm positive I'm missing many a nickname so if you remember any please don't hesitate to add it on. If you've discovered by reading this that you have been given a nickname & you are insulted by such, I am sorry. I'm not really but I'll try to lead you to believe that I am.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Autumn Blues

So as much as I don't like working at Holly Hill every day of the summer, I still prefer the weather during this time of year over anything else I might encounter in other months. I absolutely detest anything except warmth. I do not like fall weather & I certainly do not like cold winter weather. Last winter I went into an extreme depression & am not sure I've completely recovered, but it's definitely better then it was. This fall/winter, though I have a number of things to be excited about so I really have to focus on those.

To begin with, this coming week should be pretty exciting. First up, HURRICANE FOOTBALL! As if the first game of the year wasn't exciting enough, we're playing Florida State, which is where bragging rights in the state of Florida begin. On Tuesday, there is a possibility (albeit a small one) that I will be getting Legends seats at Yankee Stadium when they play the Rays. This is no ordinary game either because not only would it be my first time at the new Yankee Stadium but I would also be uncomfortably close to my boyfriend Evan (& of course my other fellas on my team but I've already been close to them.) Then on Wednesday, I will have an un-sports-related night, but still just as exciting. It's the Berk Communications 10th Anniversary party at the 40/40 club, being hosted by Jay-Z! Since they're married, I'm also pretty sure Beyonce will be there! I'll have to brush up on my "Single Ladies" dance moves, just in case.

After this week, the excitement of fall/winter is not over.
September: The NFL season is obviously the next thing to look forward to. Now with an entire season of Osi, what more could a girl ask for?
October: Baseball undoubtedly awaits the Yankees future in this month & also (knock on wood) a parade through the Canyon of Heroes! This will come during/after Marist Alumni Weekend! R4, Red Fox Wraps & Rennies, here I come! As every year, Halloween will also be at the top of my list of excitement. I have my costume all planned out but I will not reveal it on this website because I do NOT want anyone taking it.
November: Miami Homecoming! A-Team (:( minus the hyphen), Sandbar & Hurricane football! It's coming at a time that will save my feet from the pain of real shoes & the flip flops will be back on! Obviously then comes the big 2-4 on the 2-9th. No comment on how old I'm getting.
December: Christmas
January: Baby! A new addition to my family will be joining us on or around the 10th. Clearly this is the most exciting birth in the Aubrey family since this girl was born & that was nearly a quarter-century ago! Kelly & Brian are having a girl & I can't wait to have an excuse to watch the Little Mermaid with her all the time! After trying to solidify my status as favorite relative of this sleeping, pooping doll for a week, I am off to the Dominican Republic! Just in time to turn my skin from the January vampire look to the color of Akon. OK maybe not thatt dark but I'm planning on breaking out the oil while I'm enjoying the swim-up bar at the all inclusive resort.

So no, I don't like the weather in the months from September through April but I think I have enough to look forward to to occupy me & prevent the blues from sinking in once again.