Sunday, August 2, 2009

With my Eyelashes All in Curl...

Oh the joys of being a girl. It's funny, really the things you can get away with. It's not all good all the time but generally I can't say that I can complain. The only thing better than being a pretty girl is being a pretty girl with dimples, because a little wink & a smile gets you out of most tight predicaments.

I have been able to charm my way out of multiple speeding tickets, my favorite one being in Florida when I ended up talking about the Yankees with the cop for about 15 minutes before he let me off with a "warning." I don't think a boy would've been able to get away with this very scenario. It's also a pleasure when there's a line outside of a bar & the bouncer let's you right in because you're with a group of girls. This happened to us just last night & there were some pretty annoyed gentlemen, but really who is going to argue with a large black bouncer. Boys don't have the option of saving money by getting people to buy you drinks either; girls certainly do. Aside from the occassional ogre feet that can come about from a night out dancing in high heels, it really is worth it. It's so much more fun being a girl because of all the shoes & outfits & accessories that are available to you. When a boy is ugly, there's really not too much he can do about it. Ugly girls can at least put on makeup & it can really do wonders.

An advantage that I have over some other people is the dimples. A little deformity that goes a long way. I would like to mention to any boys out there reading this that I have in fact heard the compliment that I have nice dimples & I have been called "dimples" once or twice, so try being a little more creative next time. Not that I'm complaining but it does get a little old. They were discussing dimples on Chelsea Lately the other night & it really is true that we dimpled folk get away with more. Good thing my deformity isn't a clubbed foot or something like that because I don't think that'd get quite the same reaction.