Monday, March 30, 2009

WWhat's Your Fantatasyy?

So I was home all day & kept saying I should blog today, but I'll do it later. Well now it's later. I'm waiting for Heroes to get to a half hour in so I can fast forward through all the commercials so I figured while I'm waiting I'll blog. There is really only 1 thing I can think about lately so I figured what better to blog about...BASEBALL SEASON!

I am so f-ing pumped for this Yankee season it's not even funny. The new stadium, CC, AJ & Tex all make it so exciting. I was also watching several Yankee-related shows this weekend, including the "Pride, Power & Pinstripes" special & it just made me even more excited. Everything about baseball makes me happy (except for Yankee losses obvi). I cannot wait for the exhibition game this Friday against the Cubs because that will be the 1st real look inside the Stadium & I feel like if I were a boy, I'd get an erection watching it. Yes, that is how much I love baseball. I can't wait to see our team & I think the chemistry this year is really good & everything will come together for the big #27.

In addition to the regular season I am also excited for fantasy baseball! For those of you who have been loyal "Completely Random" followers, you have read some of my fantasy baseball blogs & know how obsessed with it I am. This season I got my friends to join it also & we have our own league where trash talking is plentiful & the competition is high. Maybe I'm just talking about myself with that statement but it's all good. I am in 2 leagues & have 2 really good teams & am super excited for all that will come.

In a side note, I am a big loser & always love the sayings that they have every year for YES commercials. One year it was "Pride, Power, Pinstripes", last year was "Looking Back, Looking Forward" (which I wasn't a fan of) & this year I do not know yet! I hope it's a good one, though because those commercials always pump me up when I see them because like I said, I'm a huge tool. Have I mentioned in this blog that I'm excited? Oh I have? Okay fine, I'll just go watch Heroes now.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Stay Classy, Planet Earth

Last night I was watching the "Planet Earth" series on Discovery & it is so crazy. First of all, the photography alone is completely unbelievable. They say that series was 5 years in the making, which I totally believe because some of those shots alone that they got must've taken months. I watched the "Shallow Seas" & "Deserts" & it was just nuts to see. It makes you really think about how complicated the world is. I love these kind of shows & I feel like I really learned a lot watching it.

They were saying on the show how certain things only happen once a year or even less then that, yet they got those shots of them. They even show the fog moving in over a desert. In the "Shallow Seas" episode they show the mama Humpback whale & her baby & got these insane close-ups. Apparently the mama starves herself for 8 months so the baby can grow in a safe place. Then they swim up to the Arctic Ocean & eat tons & tons of krill, which are micro-sized shrimp. She also will hold up the baby on the surface so it can breathe because babies get tired from swimming easily, which I thought was so cute. Dolphins are my favorite so I was happy when they included them. The fish apparently have been going closer & closer to shore so in order to eat, the dolphins actually hydroplaned along the beach to eat the fish. Of course they got all of this on video. Now I was lucky while at Miami to get the alligator on campus on video but that was sheer luck (SR said it was the best video he had ever seen a student get of the alligator, but I don't wanna toot the old horn.) These people are out there for months at a time to get a 30 second shot of these things & then they have to get enough of these 30 second clips to make an hour-long show! No wonder it took them 5 years.

But watching this it kind of made me sad because they were saying they don't know how much longer these amazing spectacles will be around because of man-made factors. Pollution, over-fishing, etc. are all killing everything beautiful in this world. I did a story on water pollution while at Miami & it was awful because I didn't have any good shots like they got on Discovery. I couldn't go underwater to show the difference between healthy coral & dying coral. I didn't have strong enough statistics like they had on this show. I wish I saw this before I had this project, maybe then I could've done a little better. But we really need to do something about this because it is so sad that maybe my children won't ever be able to see the things that I've seen, like a thriving reef or a humpback whale or even dolphins! The krill that the whales eat is being harvested for fertilizer & causing the whales to starve to death. I know a lot of people are skeptical about "going green" but it's really nothing to kid about, it's serious. If everyone contributed a little bit every day to do what they could to help the environment, we would be a lot better off. So turn the piece of paper over & use both sides instead of throwing it away & reuse your water bottles instead of buying a new one & walk a couple of blocks rather then take a cab because I dunno about you, but I want my kids to swim with dolphins.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Catholic School Girl

As I was waiting for the bus yesterday morning, I came across a girl wearing a high school uniform (a Sea girl). There she was, thinking she looked all hot in her uniform with her skirt rolled up to her hoo-ha & I really had to stifle a laugh because that was definitely me about 7 years ago (wow, is it really that long since I've been in high school?) We all rolled our skirts & I just don't see why now because it didn't make us look any better. When I heard that my alma mater, St. Joseph Hill, had opened up the option of pants I was appalled but now I wish I had that option.

For those of you that don't know what my high school uniform looked like, let me explain. I'd show you a picture but there is no way I want a photo of myself in that uniform circulating around the Internet. We had 2 different uniforms for winter & summer months. Always at the base of the uniform was of course, the skirt. The "post man blue" as they called it. That's right, our skirts were the color of a mail man's pants. As a Hill girl, we had to have our skirts come down to our knee & there were times when we had to kneel down & make sure the skirt touched the floor. If it didn't? Detention. If that wasn't bad enough, we also had to wear a blazer of the same color! In the winter we had to wear a white button-down shirt with a navy blue V neck sweater & the blazer to top it off. We had the option of a sleeveless sweater, which absolutely nobody took. We also had to go out & buy black trench coats that had to come down to our knee. Not disgusted enough yet? Oh, that's because I haven't mentioned the shoes. They were the same color as the skirts but suede & we had to wear those with white tights. The warmer outfits were really not much better. White collared polo shirts (with the blazer of course), the skirt & saddle shoes. Yes, the very same saddle shoes that they wore during the 1940s. And no, we didn't wear them with tights, we wore them with white ankle socks.

After school, I would go & get the train with my friends to go home. We would roll our skirts & take off the blazer, as if that made it any better. Living where I do, my stop was the same stop as our "brother" high school's so I would have to fight my way through the mass of boys to get up the stairs. What's funny about this is that I would actually get hit on! High school kids are so funny. Why was this uniform okay to wear & even worse have people think you look good in it??? When Britney came out with "Hit Me Baby One More Time", I think we all kind of thought we looked like her in our uniforms. We obviously never bothered with mirrors in those days (another reason why I am NOT putting up that picture.)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

1st Date Blues

So in my experience, there are 3 kinds of dates: nice guy dates, asshole dates, & really great dates. Now I'm not saying I'm a serial dater & I go out on all of these dates all the time, but I think I know what I'm talking about here. I'm not even counting strictly your stereotypical dates like dinner & a movie. Meeting for drinks, hanging out just the two of you in a dorm room/apt/house, even meeting at a bar with friends & then hitting it off so well you hang out just the two of you the rest of the night all fall under my description. Let's look further.

First we will look at the nice guy. I try so hard to give the nice guy a chance, I really do. Nice guy dates usually include having him say something like "we can do whatever you want to do" & giving me absolute power while he is merely a servant. I had a date tonight that this kid was the epitome of the nice guy date. He used phrases such as "next time", "us", & "our relationship". He discussed meeting my parents, converting me into an ethnic food lover & even me converting him into a Yankee fan. Stop trying so hard, son. I think the break all questions of dates include such things as "What's your favorite kind of food?", "What nationality are you?" & "What is your favorite animal?" In my opinion, a good date will just flow & you don't need to have such forced conversation. Yes this date included all of those questions. It got so bad I resorted to telling my worst jokes. We met on Valentine's Day & I really thought he seemed really nice so I tried to make myself think he was attractive. We met for drinks & I'm a little drunk right now but on a date like the one I just went on, it's necessary. On a date with an asshole, such drunkeness is not always the solution, though.

Assholes are usually the really good looking guys & the ones who know this. Alcohol is not as necessary because at least they are nice to look at but sometimes you need it to be able to handle them. These are often the guys I go for (although I've gone on many a nice-guy nerd date.) I like a guy who takes charge & has an opinion of his own, but there is a balance there. It's not all about you, douche bag. I made the mistake of going out with the same asshole twice. The first time was way back in high school & I had such a crush on him so when he asked me to go to the movies I was ecstatic. The only problem was, we could only go to an 11 o'clock movie & one that his friend was going to also. We had to see the movie he wanted to see & the entire night he talked about himself. End of the date, end of story. A few months ago, this same boy contacted me again & we decided to meet up for lunch. I thought maybe he changed & he used to be good looking so why not give it a shot? Big mistake! Let's just say, some things never change except for perhaps his good looks.

As for the great dates, I can honestly say I have only been on 6 of them (or at least 6 guys, there may have been more then 6 dates.) With such dates, there have been connections. Not necessarily that we are destined to be together forever kind of connections, but definitely something. I'm pretty sure any of these 6 gentleman would be able to distinguish themselves & know they are one of the ones I am talking about because aside from 1 or 2, I still talk to them. Again, these dates do not have to be the stereotypical kind. It's just someone who you genuinely have a good time with & want to hang out with more. Whatever happens after that is beyond your control. I have been fooled a time or 2 by these great daters & they ended up in the asshole category, but at the time I thought they were great.

I like to think I am a good dater. I don't try too hard as the nice guys do but I try harder then the assholes. The kid tonight was very surprised when I told him I'd never been in a long-term serious relationship because he said I seemed like the type of girl who always had a boyfriend. That was the first time I ever heard that in my entire life. Now don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a boyfriend, it just usually turns out that the ones who I pick don't pick me back & the ones that pick me, well I don't pick them back. It's a vicious cycle but I do know that the few times that I have found those "great dates" was the times in my life that I have been the happiest. It's nice to have someone who cares about you as much as you care about them. Until I find that person though, I will continue to criticize my dates.