Monday, July 28, 2008

Single & Loving It

I'm so sick & tired of everyone asking about my love life. I just went out to lunch with Meghan today & saw her family & since they are my other family I had every single one of them asking about any new men in my life. This is all well & good, I'm used to it but then they started going on & on about finding a guy for me. I would like to say this for all the world to hear...I DO NOT NEED A MAN TO MAKE ME HAPPY!

I am perfectly happy living my life the way I currently am. I go out often & always meet new people & I can do whatever I want & not need to worry about anyone's feelings. In addition to this, I have no intention of settling down in one place in the near future so it would only be more of a pain in my ass to find a boyfriend because then I'd feel bad about leaving. I hate when people try to set me up with friends too because then I feel an obligation to like them & this just makes me uncomfortable.

Yes, it is very nice to have someone in your life who you like & likes you back but this is not the be all & end all. It is not, nor has it ever been, solely what I base my happiness on. I have enough things to worry about at this point in my life so finding a boyfriend is not at the top of my priorities. I'm not saying this to make myself sound like a martyr. I love guys. I have a ton of male friends & I probably get along better with guys then I do with girls. I flirt, hook up & just have fun. I'm not lonely...I'm just single & loving every minute of it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Amy's Workout Plan

I'm turning into a whole new woman! Well, maybe not really but I'd say I'm improving my life one day at a time. I'm working out, eating right & joining a book club!

I've been meaning to start working out more & I definitely have been doing so more since I've been home than I ever did in Miami. Perhaps this has to do with the amount of food my mother forces down my throat (this is a lie but she does offer me far too much to eat). I can't turn down food so this has definitely been adding up. I never really had motivation to work out or lose weight until now...Angela is having a big pool party next month. Since I need to be in my bikini in front of a lot of people, I decided it's time.

For those of you that know me, the words "work" & "out" are rarely in the same sentence in my vocabulary, unless of course I'm singing along to Kanye. I work out in my house but this is fine for me: "Ten Minute Pilates" all the way. I've also been doing several ab routines that I got from Cosmo (Jessica Biel does them so it must be good). I hate running but I'm going to do that too. Today, for example I ran an entire 0.5 miles! Impressive, I know. I'm out of shape so I need to build up to more but that's fine for now. As for this eating right, maybe it's still not perfect but it's better than my Marist days.

The book club is a mental workout. I don't really read books & the only ones I've been wanting to read are written by Chelsea Handler (not exactly intellectual). We're going to read big girl books, the ones I've never had any desire to read but hey, why not? I'm expanding my horizons & maybe I can find a nice, smart gentleman in the book store in the meantime.

Monday, July 14, 2008

All-Star Game

One of my most favorite sporting events is here! No, it doesn't compare to the Yankees in the World Series or the Superbowl but the All-Star Game is still up there in my top 3. The All-Star Game in baseball is just so much more enjoyable than the basketball game or the Pro-Bowl, but maybe that's because baseball is my sport.  The fact that this year's is at Yankee Stadium makes it even better than past years.

The thing about the All-Star Game is the fact that it's a time that the players can just play baseball & have fun, rather then worrying about winning or losing. They bring their kids on the field & it's just great to see. I love watching all of them because of how much fun they have. It's not just your team interacting with one another, it's every team. It's such a unifying event, I love it. It must be amazing for young players experiencing this for the first time, especially if they've never been to Yankee Stadium before. They get to play on the same field that every great player before them played on with the greatest players in the game today.

My team is the American League obviously, so it's the only day of the year that I can legitimately cheer for players on other teams who I like but obviously don't want to do good. Ichiro always gets me excited & believe it or not, I even cheer for David Ortiz (but NEVER Manny). It could be the only day that I don't hate Manny though. Before Alex was on the Yankees, it was my happiest day because it was the only day he was on my team. I've always loved him since his Seattle days (& always will despite recent allegations against him).

I would've done anything to go to the game this year but I did not have $600 for one bleacher seat (let alone $10,000 for a good seat) so this dream was crushed. The pre-game ceremonies that are going to go down at the Stadium are going to be so amazing. So many Hall of Famers in baseball's catheral, it's going to be like baseball heaven. I know there's no crying in baseball, but I can guarantee you that sports tears will flow HEAVY from these ducts tomorrow.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Devil is in the Details

OK so I don't wanna brag or sound conceited but I am far too over-qualified for my internship. I have found this at most of my internships but this one is "like whoa", as Mya would say. During Newsvision we would all complain about our professor, SR. Now I can see why he was so successful in the business for so many years & why he drilled all of that into us, no matter how much we don't think he did. He constantly told us "the devil is in the details" which means that in order to have a good newscast you have to make sure every little thing is correct.

My9 does NOT practice this. First of all, during the show the screen just went black for a good 10 seconds, not a good start. Then, instead of saying Ohio, the fill-in anchor (who is a mega-bitch BTW) said Iowa. This was followed by a CG that said Ohio, so clearly some cognitive dissonance there for those few viewers that we probably have. Next, the mistake that got to me more then any of these is that a lower-third graphic was spelled wrong! This is a professional news station, those things should not happen! And who of all people spotted this? Yea, me. But I guess nobody likes to listen to the new kid because it was not taken down. Somebody said something after & they didn't even seem to care.

The writing was also awful. SR would never approve. Let's not even talk about the sports guy & his New Jersey accent on steroids. I can't listen to him speak, it's so obnoxious. All the things that went wrong were the same things that would occasionally go wrong for us on Newsvision, but we're students so it's understandable. Those things going wrong on an actual network are just unacceptable. I don't think it'll be too hard to make myself stand out & be the greatest intern they have ever seen. YES Network, here I come!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Superstition is a funny thing. It is especially present in my favorite game of baseball but also in so many other aspects of life. For example, today I was in the nail salon & when someone itched their nose, a woman said, "Oh, you better not keep scratching it because an itchy nose means you're going to get into a fight." Now I of course have heard of this because of my wives-tale telling mother. But that got me to thinking how silly these things are. An itchy palm means you're going to get money. Dropping your silverware? Company is coming. A pimple on your tongue means you told a lie. This is not even mentioning black cats, umbrellas in the house, broken mirrors or walking under ladders.

Thinking about superstition & baseball, my first thought was of my former favorite Yankee who is more notorious of late for allegations about his steroid use, a Mr. Chuck Knoblauch. Ironic that someone who is so superstitious would use a performance enhancing drug to try to make himself better, why not rely on a lucky rabbit's foot? Before every pitch, he would have to take a step back, stick his bat between his legs, adjust his batting gloves, tap his foot with the bat, touch the helmet & then he was finally good to go. Most other players have some sort of pre-pitch routine but that one has always stuck out to me. Nomar & Barry Zito also come to mind. So many other things in baseball are centered around superstition, such as rally caps & not talking about a no-hitter.

I have some superstitious behavior, but nothing too crazy. I do certain things just because they are "good luck" & always make wishes at 11:11, although I don't know if that's really considered superstition.

Friday, July 4, 2008

I Be Reppin' My City

I just got home from the city & I'm realizing more & more how much I love this town.  It is so diverse in every possible aspect.  If you like to people watch, there is no place better than Manhattan.

There are people who are big, small, young, old, fat, skinny, tall, short, good looking, ugly, & some even very ugly.  You find people from every walk of life, including Asian, Indian, Jewish, black, white, purple, etc.  There are guidos who wear their wife beaters & gold chains & even a cowboy in his underwear.  The people are EVERYWHERE & there's so many of them.

The little stands along every street have all sorts of nick-nacks that you might need.  The bars are on every corner.  So are the Starbucks.  Driving down 5th Avenue you will see every big label that you have ever heard.

The city itself is also gearing up for the greatest event to hit NY since the Giants Superbowl parade (but that will be my next blog).  There are "Statues of Liberty on Parade" placed all over the city & decorated for every team.  They also have one for the Brooklyn Dodgers & the NY Giants baseball team & a few others to commemorate both Yankee Stadium & Shea Stadium & the All-Star Game itself.  I'd personally like to find out where the Red Sox statue is because I want to demolish it.  It's probably inside a police station or somewhere people cant get to it because they figure there are many other fans such as myself.

So the cabs may almost kill you ("watch out for the yellow ones, they don't stop") & the subways are beyond crowded but despite this & the graffiti, the homeless lining the streets & the perpetual smell of garbage in the air, there is no doubt in my mind that New York is indeed the greatest city in the world.